Školení Excel Essentials v angličtině

Excel Essentials Training is designed for beginners who haven't worked with Excel so far or have used it very little. Participants of this Excel training will learn to create and format a table containing simple calculations, to use basic functions, to create a simple chart and adjust its appearance. They will learn to search for information in large spreadsheets and to quickly move in them. Participants will become familiar with options of printing settings.

Osnova školení Excel Essentials

U individuálního a firemního školení je možné osnovu přizpůsobit.

  • Basic terms in Microsoft Excel
    • Description of Microsoft excel environment
    • Ribbon FILE – save and open files
    • Workbook, sheet, cell and its address
    • Movement throughout cells, selection of cells
    • Cell content and its changes
    • Change of rows height and columns width
    • Copy of a cell content
    • Keyboard shortcuts for facilitation the work
    • Status help
    • Options Paste Special, Find and Replace
  • Tables formatting
    • Text formatting, format preview
    • Text alignment
    • Merge of cells and text wrap
    • Number format
    • Borders
    • Inserting and deleting cells, rows and columns
    • Hiding and unhiding rows and columns
    • Copying a format
  • Formulas
    • Basic mathematical operations
    • Formulas modifications
    • Quick check of formulas
    • Copying and moving formulas
    • Relative and absolute references of cells ($A$1)
  • Functions
    • Use of basic functions and its view in calculation line
    • Inserting function in a cell
    • Modifying formulas with functions
  • Charts
    • Automatic format of a chart – recommended charts
    • Basic types of charts
    • Creating and adjusting charts
  • Work with large tables
    • Basic terms
    • Freeze of panes
    • Sorting data according its value or format
    • Automatic filter
  • Print in Microsoft Excel
    • View
    • Setting margins, placement on a page
    • Print options
    • Print area
    • Repeating a header on every page
    • Advanced page appearance settings for print

Předchozí znalosti a návazná školení

Před školením se předpokládá znalost práce se systémem Windows.
Po absolvování školení můžete pokračovat:

Excel Advanced

Excel Charts

Verze programu

U firemního a individuálního školení si verzi programu, na které bude školení probíhat, můžete zvolit.
Otevřené kurzy probíhají na verzi Office 2016. Lektor po dohodě s účastníky upozorní na rozdíly starších verzí.