Školení Excel Charts v angličtině

Excel Charts Training is designed for users of Excel who need to create complex types of charts and to format charts exactly according to their ideas. Participants of this training will become familiar with various chart types, their use in practice and formatting options. They will learn to use advanced functions like trendline or secondary axis in chart.

Osnova školení Excel Charts

U individuálního a firemního školení je možné osnovu přizpůsobit.

  • Basic creating charts
    • Creating a chart
    • Switch orientation of rows and columns
    • Formatting a chart
    • Naming a chart and its elements
  • Microsoft Excel chart types
    • Column and bar charts
    • Line and XY (Scatter) chats
    • Surface chart (3D display)
    • 3D chart
    • Pie chart
    • Doughnut and bubble charts
    • Stock chart
  • Charts in cells
    • Creating and adjusting charts
    • Chart types
  • Advanced chart adjustments
    • Complex chart formatting
    • Adding other series to a chart
    • Changing length of data series
    • Changing chart type
    • Secondary axis Y (adding secondary axis to a chart)
    • Stacked charts
    • Adding (removing) particular chart elements
  • Pasting charts in other applications
    • Chart converted to a picture
    • Chart linked with original data in MS Excel
    • Chart not linked with original data in MS Excel
  • Inserting shapes and pictures to a chart
    • Adding shapes
    • Adjusting shapes
    • Moving and placing shapes
  • Trendline and Error bars
    • Adding a trendline
    • Using error bars
    • Drop lines
  • Special chart types
    • Dynamic chart
    • Automatically complemented chart

Předchozí znalosti

Před školením se předpokládají znalosti na úrovni školení:

Excel Essentials

Verze programu

U firemního a individuálního školení si verzi programu, na které bude školení probíhat, můžete zvolit.